What We Do
at BG Research

Life Science Engineering

BG Research's driving principal is 'Kaizen: Good enough never is, the strive for continuous improvement through evolution and innovation'.

BG Research's ability to conceptualise novel technologies and realise them in production scale outputs allows set goals to be achieved at the best possible speed and within budget.

The engineering and support team have expertise in many areas, not limited to:

  • Thermal management and control.
  • Full Spectrum light interrogation. Providing detector systems ranging from UV to Near IR detection.
  • Ultra Low light level detection performed at breath taking speed.
  • Hardware and system design, From enclosures to consumables, machining to blow and injection moulding.
  • Software package design and modification, from Drivers to control suites, from Firmware to software. In C+, C#, J#, and Visual Basic
  • Electronic circuit design and manufacture utilising microprocessors ranging from the older H8 processors, to newer Altera FPGAs and CPLDs